Let Upping Stone Equine Massage & Bodywork become an integral and valued component of your equine training and management program!  Offering non-invasive equine sportsmassage and integrated bodywork services for performance and pleasure horses alike.  

"She is the best and knows her stuff!  Great with the individual personalities and problems and applies the best methods for the best results.  So pleased to have her working on our horses."


Square Review 14 April 2018

Director of High Fives, Apple

"Maribeth provides great service to my horse. She is very knowledgeable--most of all, her reports are very helpful. Her written reports also contain diagrams that further help the owner and trainer understand what could be happening--and how to move forward with their care and training. I appreciate all that she does for my horse!"


Facebook Review 27 Jan 2018

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"What a great experience for my horses! All three came away relaxed and with a happy bounce in their stride. My 24 year old rescue not only enjoyed the massage but was moving better than I've seen him go in a very long time. It was worth every penny and I'm looking forward to their next session."


Facebook Review 29 Aug 2017

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor


Massage and bodywork is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. Massage professionals are not qualified to diagnose, treat, or give prognosis of any injury or illness. There are many instances in which equine massage and bodywork may be an inappropriate modality for a horse in need of other facets of care, and I will never work on a horse in need of veterinary attention. Once the primary issue is resolved, Upping Stone welcomes the opportunity to confer with your veterinarian to determine if massage is an appropriate adjunct to your horse‚Äôs rehabilitation process.